Avanos Pottery Making

19 Jul

Avanos Pottery Making

Another of our most famous activities is the construction of earth pottery, a famous activity especially in the Avanos region. In most of the shops where the sales of professional hands products are made, you can enjoy playing with amateur soil and mud. Do not miss this chance given to you to enjoy the symbolic price of 5 – 10 TL in general, to reach the beauty of the earth and to buy the product that you have done with your absurd but super handles.

The ancient name of Avanos, which is 18 km north of Nevsehir, is Venessa. The ceramics tradition has been going on since the Hittites in the county where there are many pottery workshops. The red soil and milden ceramic mud brought by Kızılırmak is shaped by the Avanos ceramic artists.

Pottery: It is known that pottery has been made in Avanos since the Hittites. The hand of the tribe has passed through the tribe, passing from the father to the son, until daylight. From the mountains of Avanos and the old beds of Kızılırmak, soft and oily clay soils are sieved and kneaded thoroughly into mud. The desired dish is made by shaping the mud on the countertop, which is called as carpet. The dishes produced in the workshops called ” After the shade is dried, it is baked in the oven with straw and chippings, starting from 800 ° C to 1200 ° C.

The dishes in the area are water tanks, pots for storing food for winter, and cups, water bottles.